me-workingBack in third grade, just kidding… I’ve always been an artist… Mosaics found me back in 2004 with a bag of glass and a pair of nippers. Passionate about them from the start, and I immersed myself in the study of traditional mosaic technique and many different styles and materials. Here are some highlights from my career.

Long ago, there was a very talented artist named Buddy… She made beautiful artwork using spectacular glazed ceramic tiles, wrote wonderful poetry, and touched the lives of many people. Her family and friends have cherished her artwork and tile collection for many years. The tiles that she used had been sitting dormant for over 20 years in her daughter’s basement, until Myrna, Buddy’s daughter contacted me to see if I was interested in purchasing them. There was something about her that made me jump in my car and drive to Atlanta the next morning… I had an intuition about this, and I couldn’t explain it, but I had to see them right away.
When I arrived, I was amazed at the tiles and the energy that I felt. Myrna’s basement had the most amazing collection of tiles that I had ever seen. Not to mention the beautiful mShe also had spectacular mosaics around her house. My goal is to share this wonderful collection and to hopefully inspire a few people along the way to reach for their dreams.
In 2007, I won the grand prize raffle at the SAMA conference, of a trip to study mosaics at Orsoni in Venice, Italy. I had been passionate about smalti and had been wanting to go for many years. Before leaving, I created the “Asian Garden” mosaic, to see where my talents lie before studying, and in 2008, it was selected to be in the Mosaic Arts International Exhibit in Miami, Fl.
Upon returning from Italy, I was in the process of working on a large 7′ tall spiritual hands fountain commission but was having troubles finding the correct shades of flesh from the materials I had available. When I was in Italy, I fell in love with the tones and was fortunate enough to be able to use them for the fountain. During the commission, my Patron, as well as myself were severely injured. Both facing a lengthy recovery. During this time, I found strength to fight and recover. Not easy being diagnosed with RSD, (Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy), also known as Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. My pain just kept getting worse. I was told that I had a 95% chance of becoming disabled. I used to cry and rock on the side of my bed in despair because the pain was so intense and I didn’t know how to get better. It took a while, but my optimistic attitude kicked in, knowing that there was a small window of 5% for me to climb through, and I realized that the cure was within me. I had to change my mind, body and spirit and bit by bit I started to get a little better. Finally finishing the hands five years later, I closed my studio door and bolted! Exhausted, physically and mentally, I needed to figure out how to change my life.
In 2013 I started school at IIN (The Institute for Integrative Nutrition) for a new career and education for my treatment. I kept getting better and began working as a business and mastermind coach, where I found a love and gift for coaching, motivating and inspiring others. I started school at Mentor Coach to become an ICF (International Coach Federation) certified life coach.
For 8 months in 2015, I focused on a fitness goal larger than I had ever done before and trained for a half marathon in Disney World. My children were so proud of me as I crossed that finish line on January 9, 2016. Even better, I set a good example for them and made a difference in their lives by my action.  It wasn’t easy. You have to set daily goals and stick to them. What they say; you can’t do it alone, is so true. For me, it took my friends, family, coaches and co-workers to help motivate and keep me on task.
December 9, 2014, my coaching instructor said to find a group of people to mentor. Even though I had not been doing mosaics for a few years, I missed my people and started a Facebook group called Mosaic Mentoring. After two years, it grew to close to 7000 members and became the premier mosaic group for learning.
2017 brings exciting growth and change for both Mosaic Mentoring, Rainbow Mosaics and myself as a business coach.
I’ve gone from desperation and despair to happiness, purpose, health and joy. I’m strong, confident and feel good.  I love what I do and making a difference in the lives of others.  I’m proven and secure in my skills, heart and mission and I can help you create and build upon your strengths so you can be as happy and confident in your life as I now am.
My journey has brought me to a place of excitement, knowing that I am creating a life filled with my passion for mosaics, coaching, good health, and change. From starting your mosaic journey, wanting to stretch your artistic or business goals, or learning to take better care of yourself, I can help facilitate your life changes. Think of your dreams… If you want to achieve them, I can help you get there.