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Your journey to self healing starts here. Create a happy, healthy life with balance through group or one on one coaching.  You can achieve all of your health and wellness goals with fun, simple steps. Let me show you how.
As a professional mosaic artist and member of SAMA for over 12 years, I have gained a wealth of knowledge and expertise in many areas of mosaics. From large commissions to custom jewelry you will see a variety of styles and forms. Click below to see more of my work and to learn more about the Denwar Collection.
Mosaic Mentoring is the best and most active place to learn mosaics on Facebook. We have an International group of over 4000 members, including many professional, working mosaic artists that are generously offering their time and expertise. With over 10 admins, we keep a drama free, wonderful environment to learn.

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As an artist with many ideas and not knowing where to start I recently contacted Karen when I was trying to figure out how to make progress on feeling healthier after a long illness, and also getting some art projects in the works. I am interested in photography, mosaic, glass fusing and ceramics. I also run a small business.
I felt overwhelmed at where to begin. After my first phone call with Karen I felt I had a plan I could easily stick to.  Karen listened to what I wanted to accomplish and offered precise steps for me to work towards in a manageable way. She is a very good listener with ideas that really resonated with me. She is knowledgeable about making changes in my diet to attain more energy and balance. She then made sure I knew what it would take to work on and complete. Being able to complete a few things on my list has propelled me to keep working and completing tasks. She also told me I could ask questions and let her know I was working on my goals via messaging. I felt this accountability really helped me to stay on task. Having Karen offer some direction has kick started me towards accomplishing things I recently only thought about. Karen’s art degree as well as health and coaching were evident in her knowledge to offer suggestions in a very professional way.
I highly recommend Karen for anyone looking to take your art to the next level and achieve art goals and feel healthier and more balanced.
Barb Arne

A talk show host brought up this quote today and I thought it was very appropriate for our group. “Inspiration without Information leads to Frustration”. Karen has provided us with a way to make informed decisions in our creative process and helped to lessen the frustration from trying to go it alone. Thanks Karen! Mary Beth Hile