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Rainbow Mosaics is the studio where all the mosaic magic happens. My style varies from traditional to the avant garde.
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Mentor and educator in the fine art of mosaics. I help artists improve their mosaic skills through online mentoring and workshops.
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As a graduate from IIN, and a Certified Holistic Health Coach, my passion is living a creative, healthy life, and helping you succeed with yours.
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Finally spent the weekend in the studio :)

It’s been a while… Since going back to school last year and working as a business, health and accountability coach, I have not had as much time to work in the studio, but I decided it was time to make it happen. I set my work station up a month ago, and just haven’t made it happen. One of the things I coach on, is how to get things done. When you schedule your time, you will put the most important things on the list and actually get them done. That exactly what I did this weekend. I decided it was time. Enough procrastination. MOSAIC TIME! I took these pictures years ago when I was in Italy and have been wanting to mosaic them. I combined 2 images that I took. We had a long thread the other day on copyright, so I wanted to touch on that. I’m not the best at drawing. I can do it, since I was clasically trained, but it’s a struggle for me, so I like to use photographs. As long as it’s your own, you have the rights to it. If you want to use someone elses photograph, please make sure you ask permission before using it. For images over 70 years old, you can use them without asking permission. If you plan on selling your work, it is necessary to get permission. If you are not selling your work, it’s about courtesy. Go with your gut. Be inspired by others work instead of trying to copy it. Take drawing lessons and practice daily. That’s the best way to get better. Go... read more


After getting to spend 3 weeks in Italy and 2 at the Orsoni foundary in Venice, Italy, (1 week courtesy of the SAMA raffle) I’ve had a love affair with smalti. The beautiful range in color and the capabilities captivate me. Getting the opportunity to travel to Spilimbergo, Italy to see the Scuola Mosaicisti Del Fruili was one of the highlights of my trip. The contemporary style of mosaics captivated me. If you would like to read more on different smalti companies, click HERE   Mark your calendars for a smalti portrait workshop for June 26-28. Details will be posted soon.   Piece, Love & Mosaics, XOXO... read more

Schedule breaks when you work

Are you taking care of yourself? If you don’t know by now, I am a certified health and business coach as well as a mosaic artist. Since my accident 5 years ago, I’ve had to make a lot of changes in my life. The biggest change was to get healthier. This hasn’t been easy for me. since exercise is not my favorite thing. I work way too many hours sitting at my desk, so it’s very important to make movement a priority every day. If I don’t, my body will go into a pain flair, and everything gets off balance.  If you are doing mosaics for hours on end, it’s so important to remember to take breaks once an hour. I set a timer on my phone when I am in the studio and at my computer, I have an app that pops up every hour to remind me to take a break. I do some stretches during this time. if you’re cutting, make sure you stretch your hands. Simple stretches that you can do will make such a difference in the long run of your health.  ... read more
As an artist with many ideas and not knowing where to start I recently contacted Karen when I was trying to figure out how to make progress on feeling healthier after a long illness, and also getting some art projects in the works.
I felt overwhelmed at where to begin. After my first phone call with Karen I felt I had a plan I could easily stick to.  Karen listened to what I wanted to accomplish and offered precise steps for me to work towards in a manageable way. She is a very good listener with ideas that really resonated with me. She is knowledgeable about making changes in my diet to attain more energy and balance. She then made sure I knew what it would take to work on and complete. Being able to complete a few things on my list has propelled me to keep working and completing tasks. She also told me I could ask questions and let her know I was working on my goals via messaging. I felt this accountability really helped me to stay on task. Having Karen offer some direction has kick started me towards accomplishing things I recently only thought about. Karen’s art degree as well as health and coaching were evident in her knowledge to offer suggestions in a very professional way.
I highly recommend Karen for anyone looking to take your art to the next level and achieve art goals and feel healthier and more balanced.
Barb Arne

“You are an amazing mentor Karen… You guided me to right where I needed to be. Now that’s a dream mentor!

Thank you!!