Let me share a story with you…

Denwar, papaOnce upon a time, long ago, there was a very talented artist named Buddy. She made beautiful artwork using spectacular glazed ceramic tiles, wrote wonderful poetry, and touched the lives of many people. Her artwork and tile collection have been cherished by her family and friends for many years. The tiles that she used had been sitting dormant for over 20 years in her daughter’s basement. Today, I bring you this collection of tiles, Buddy’s story, and her spectacular mosaics.

A few years ago, I received a call from a lady who said her mother was a mosaic artist and had some glazed ceramic tiles that were sitting in her basement. She wanted to find someone in Georgia who might be interested in them. Within 5 minutes of the call, sight unseen, I knew that I needed to get to Atlanta to see these tiles, and to meet this lady with who I formed an instant bond. I arrived two days later to find a treasure, unlike anything I had ever seen before! Myrna, Buddy’s daughter started telling me her story.

Back in the 1950’s, Buddy took mosaic lessons from Joyce Clark, a very famous painter, and used tiles from Denwar Ceramic Studio, created by Jo and Esther Dendel, in Costa Mesa, California.  When Denwar Ceramics closed their doors around 1961 and moved towards the direction of fiber arts, Buddy purchased the remaining tiles. She continued creating mosaics throughout her lifetime. She never sold any pieces, and her private collection remains in her family to this day.

This series of events has changed the direction of my life, allowed me to grow spiritually and realize the potential of my gifts. Buddy and Myrna are two of the many amazing people who have touched my life so far. I hope this story and collection of tiles will touch and inspire many more lives.

My goal at Rainbow Mosaics is to share the beauty of Denwar and to inspire others to see the beauty in these magical tiles.

Love the journey, for it’s that path that will bring you happiness…

Karen Sasine

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